The Second Pet Gets Insurance

Last week, a friend of a friend noticed that one of her dogs seemed to be in discomfort, so she gave him three Motrin.  Big mistake. Within a few hours she was at the emergency vet clinic where she was asked if she was willing to pay for surgery to try and save her dog’s life. Two days and another surgery later, the dog passed away. The owner had run up over $6,000 in vet bills.

The very next day, the owner bought VPI pet insurance for her second dog.

She mentioned that before her first dog got sick, she had no idea that vet care could be so expensive.

This is an example of the “Second Pet” theory of pet insurance marketing.  This theory (which I just made up, but is backed by anecdotal evidence) predicts that most pet parents won’t get pet insurance until an uninsured pet runs up a very large vet bill, thereby prompting the owner to “discover” pet insurance and then buy it for the second (and any other) pet in the family.

The Second Pet theory is good news for pet insurance companies. As vet costs continue to rise, more pet parents will encounter steep vet bills and ultimately stumble upon pet insurance as a useful tool to help them manage . . . → Read More: The Second Pet Gets Insurance

2012 VPI Hambone Award

This years VPI award for the most unusual claim goes to Peanut, a dachshund-terrier mix, who somehow was buried alive after a tussle with a skunk.   Peanut suffered from hypothermia and spent two days under a vet’s care.  More info on the . . . → Read More: 2012 VPI Hambone Award

VPI’s PR department is crazy good

Google news is showing 102 articles about Ellie, the beehive eating Lab who won the Hambone award – VPI’s contest to find the most unusual pet insurance claim.

The media cannot get enough of these pet related stories. Whether they involve kooky pet name contests, top reasons pets visit the vet on Christmas day or articles about dogs named after the SuperBowl teams, VPI has found a way to consistently keep its name in the press.

Someone at VPI deserves a bonus . . . → Read More: VPI’s PR department is crazy good