VPI’s PR department is crazy good

Google news is showing 102 articles about Ellie, the beehive eating Lab who won the Hambone award – VPI’s contest to find the most unusual pet insurance claim.

The media cannot get enough of these pet related stories. Whether they involve kooky pet name contests, top reasons pets visit the vet on Christmas day or articles about dogs named after the SuperBowl teams, VPI has found a way to consistently keep its name in the press.

Someone at VPI deserves a bonus . . . → Read More: VPI’s PR department is crazy good

Info on California Pet Insurance Reform Bill AB2411

California Assemblymember Dave Jones (D-Sacramento) is pushing a bill that would try and make pet insurance policies more understandable to pet owners.

Specifically, the bill would require insurers to disclose whether a policy excludes coverage for: preexisting conditions, hereditary disorders and congenital disorders. It would also require disclosing details on deductibles, waiting periods and policies limits. These items would have to be displayed on an insurer’s web site.

This would be a California law, but due to the size of the California market, every US pet insurer would be expected to comply.

Seems like a pretty reasonable bill. I can’t imagine any of the pet insurance companies getting upset over these requirements.

This is much different than Assemblymember Jones previous plan to require the insurers to cover pre-existing conditions. That was a terrible idea … and he correctly changed course.

Bill . . . → Read More: Info on California Pet Insurance Reform Bill AB2411

Embrace gets a new underwriter

Embrace is switching from Lloyds of London to RLI insurance. I assume this means they will go from being non-admitted to admitted in all states. This should provide some extra protection for . . . → Read More: Embrace gets a new underwriter

Pethealth Inc Quarterly Results

Pethealth Inc, the second largest pet insurer in North America and commonly known as 24PetWatch, announced net income of $739,000 on revenue of $7.9 million for 2nd quarter of 2010. marketwatch


- over 50% of new policies came from their shelter channel

- pet adoption is becoming more popular

- no mention of number of active policies

Pethealth offers free shelter management software to shelters if they agree to promote their insurance products. They also moved into the UK market in 2008 when they bought Pet . . . → Read More: Pethealth Inc Quarterly Results